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Torrential rain brings fire relief to the East Coast!

Heavy downpours have finally hit the Australian East Coast and moved into fire-affected parts of NSW over the weekend, bringing much-needed fire relief. In fact, one third of Australia's fires were extinguished in just ONE day! The number of active fires dropped from over 60 to 42. The fire officials were ecstatic with the relief that the rain has provided, giving them a well-deserved rest.

Whilst we are pleased that the bushfires are being extinguished, extreme weather like this also increases the chances of flash flooding - with some areas of NSW already being affected. The NSW State Emergency Service (SES) have issued two flood evacuation orders and an evacuation warning for areas most at risk. Currently, more than 100,000 homes and businesses are without power.

However, one member of the public has already seen the comical side of things by riding a jetski to his local McDonalds!

Here are some of our own photos from Manly that were taken over the weekend:

Manly Lagoon


We hope you all stay safe and dry!

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